Hors D'oeuvre & Refreshments

Scholarship Fundraiser

The goal of our inaugural event was to raise money to put towards the 2013 scholarship(s) with the hopes of surpassing our 2012 scholarship of $500. The night was a huge success as people who had the pleasure of knowing Phil from all walks of life came out to show their support while also enjoying refreshments and finger foods. Everyone had a great time and the event was a success on many different levels. Friends from near and far joined to celebrate Phil’s life while also getting to know some new faces. In addition to this we were able to double our prior scholarship award raising over $1,000! We hope to be doing more events like this one in different areas so that all those who would like to, will have the opportunity to join us.

Next Event

Summer 2012

Saturday, July 21st
Ryan Maguire’s Restaurant & Bar
New York, NY