10th annual

scholarship fundraiser

for college bound students

10th annual

scholarship fundraiser

scholarship fundraiser

for college bound students

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We received a dozen great submissions and selected the following for this year's awards.

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2021 Scholarship Entries

Entry N

The Gift of Life https://sites.google.com/view/the-gift-of-life/home Link to website with video.

$2451 raised in scholarship

Entry R

According to National Geographic, elephants are among some of the most intelligent animals on this Earth. However, this fact certainly is not the reason everyone calls me an elephant. Their intentions are directed more towards my ears. Throughout my life, I h...

$2617 raised in scholarship

Entry H

I think the most important talk I’ve had concerning a difficult topic was when my father spoke to me about racism, and how he experienced it in his life. I’ll never forget how the conversation went down, as we were driving through South Brooklyn, where he first lived when he c...

$2341 raised in scholarship

Entry S

Losing a loved one creates an enormous amount of pain You now think to yourself, I have nothing to gain; You hide in your room, so full of fright And lay in bed tirelessly, all through the night. As you lie there awake, with tears streaming down your face Your heart bea...

$2826 raised in scholarship

Entry P

The Bystander Effect https://www.notion.so/Philip-Mathangani-Video-and-Explanation-Transcript-of-Video-e370d92395934d85a0f26098a1b4ce24 Link to video with transcript.

$2101 raised in scholarship

We hope you enjoy these submissions as much as we did!

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