2021 Scholarship Recipient

Losing a loved one creates an enormous amount of pain
You now think to yourself, I have nothing to gain;
You hide in your room, so full of fright
And lay in bed tirelessly, all through the night.

As you lie there awake, with tears streaming down your face
Your heart beats so fast, like it's running a race;
You try to be silent and hold it all in
But it is just way too hard and you unfortunately don't win.

When the sun rises the next morning and you see the light shine
You pull yourself together and try not to whine;
As you get ready for the day and think how to cope
You can't help but realize, there must be some hope.

You remember the memories and your loved one's radiant smile
The adventures and magic are embraced for a while;
You kneel down on your knees and you begin to pray
For wisdom and strength to get through each day.

You now understand they are suffering no more
But embracing with loved ones that have passed before;
It is hard to accept and move on without
No one said it would be easy without a doubt.

But it is what we must do, despite the despair
They are now your guardian angel and will always be there;
Hold on to the memories and moments you've had
They will be with you always, through the good times and bad.

Losing a loved one is definitely hard
It is not a game of Poker, where you are dealt a good card;
Even though it hurts and the pain will surely sting
Hold on to the moments and the joy that they bring.

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