Scholarship Awards

for college bound NRHS students

Entry P

In the realm of teenage whispers and twilight dreams, A symphony of youth in the moonlit streams. Growing up, a journey with no clear chart, Navigating the tides of the teenage heart. The mirror reflects a face in transition, A canvas of changes, a personal mission. Awaken…

Entry M

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the prevalence of mental health awareness has experienced a profound transformation. As the world grappled with the universal effects of isolation, anxiety, and grief brought on by the pandemic, I discovered the struggles of the Black commun…

Entry F

It only takes a seed, and a drop of water. It’s the second day of my senior year, and I’ve just gotten home. I am exhausted by the day and just want to lie down. As I step into my room, I see my new hydroponics system: fresh out of the box and assembled just the night before.…

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