Scholarship Awards

for college bound NRHS students

Entry P

My mother has always been there for me. She’s always been there to encourage and support me in everything I do. Way before I was born, back when she was pregnant with my older sister, her first child, she used to work for a company. Her boss wasn’t always the nicest to her becau…

Entry M

Endangered species hunting is a significant issue with major consequences for the environment and its biodiversity. The decline of many species has been linked to human activities such as hunting, poaching, and habitat destruction. Governments, conservation organizations, and th…

Entry F

The sun has set. As I make my way home from soccer practice, step by step, I feel my confidence at its peak. As I approach my house, I notice that the windows are dark, meaning nobody is home. My aura begins to slowly sink as I am walking towards my front door. While I begin to …

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